Call for participation to a survey on User Centric Approach in the Digital Ecosystem

ETSI STF 543 (USER GROUP) aims to monitor a large study to specify the requirements that will facilitate the use of digital services in a multichannel and flexible environment through next-generation networks (NGN) that will gradually be implemented.

The goal of the study is available in the annexe of this collective letter.
The complete file of this Collective Letter can be downloaded at the following location:

STF 543 is organizing an extensive survey of the user expectations and needs in their relationship with digital services. Interested people are invited to participate in this survey

The USER GROUP would be grateful if the interested party could transfer the survey to within their company or to their professional and private networks.

Answers to the survey are expected by the end of May 2018, using the following links:

For the English version:
Pour la version fran├žaise: 

A presentation of the results will be given in ETSI premises Sophia Antipolis, on 19th June afternoon, during the User Group #64 meeting. The User Group thank you in advance for your participation in the survey.


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