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Securing Artificial Intelligence ISG early Public Drafts of Work Items Update 1

The 4 latest drafts of WI-001,002, 003, 004, 005  and 006 are now publicly available on the open area   Draft GR 001 AI Threat Ontology v0.0.6    Draft GR 002 Data Supply Chain v0.0.5 Draft GS 003 Security Testing of AI v0.0.5 Draft GR 004 SAI Problem Statement v0.0.8           Draft GR 005 SAI Mitigation Strategy report v.0.0.12 Draft GR 006 Hardware in Securing AI v0.0.3 I would encourage anyone interested in the problems and solutions to ensuring secure AI to check these out. These are early drafts and the documents will change over time. Also, if you have feedback, comments or questions please send them to ETSI and they will be forwarded to SAI group. Finally, if these have piqued your interest and you would like to get involved with the work of SAI details about joining the ISG can be found on the ETSI site.

ETSI Security Week 2020 - Webinars Notice - Update

ETSI Security Week 2020 had gone virtual due to the COVID-19 crisis. Many presentations that were to be given during the ETSI Security Week were given virtually from the 8th  until the 19th June.  Thanks to the willingness and additional efforts of nearly 50 Programme Committee Members and Speakers, ETSI were able to offer 14 different webinars corresponding more or less to what the ETSI Security Week would have been this year. The ETSI Security Week 2020 was organised around four technical threads:  Deploying 5G Securely:   The Deploying 5G Securely thread will cover the status on the deployment and roll-out of 5G networks and the practical challenges at hand. 5G Deployment 5G Security for Verticals 5G Security Evolution Security Challenges and Regulatory Aspects Cybersecurity Act - one year on:  One year after coming into force, the series of 4 webinars will review the state of play of the EU Cybersecurity Act with feedback on the first schemes being adopted and discussion