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Video Game Heritage - Preserving and Archiving

  Introduction   The area of digital prevention is becoming a more important topic and is something awareness of is growing with video games as part of this topic. What it is meant by video game heritage  is that it consists in preserving objects of every nature, so as to pass them on to future generations. Heritage is the sum of all these preserved objects drawing a link between the past, present and future. Video game preservation is the act of taking steps to ensure that older video games will be easily accessible and playable in the future. It  includes archiving development  source code  and art assets, digital copies of video games,  emulation of video game hardware , maintenance and preservation of specialised video game hardware such as  arcade games,   video game consoles , and digitisation of print video game magazines and books . Video game archiving, is to maintaining them as intrinsic value to future generations. The item people make use is composed of what they aspire too