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ETSI Security Conference 2023 Presentation - Implementing Design Practices with the Goal to Prevent Consumer IoT Enabled Coercive Control

 This post shares a summary of of presentation I gave at the ETSI Security Conference 2023 on implementing Design Practices with the Goal to Prevent Consumer IoT Enabled Coercive Control.  Introduction An Overview of ETSI EG 203 936 - Implementing Design Practices to Mitigate Consumer IoT-Enabled Coercive Control. ETSI Guide that recommends initial design practices to minimise the potential of coercive control by consumer Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The guide provides emerging design practices through examples and explanatory text for organisations involved in the development and manufacturing of Consumer IoT devices and associated services. Understanding Consumer IoT Enabled Coercive Control Coercive control is entrapment in personal life, and it pertains to the set of control skills also used in other situations of captivity such as hostage situations and human trafficking to override autonomy and the sense of self and entrap a person. T he misuse of novel

ETSI Event 2024 Notice - Artificial Intelligence Conference: Status, Implementation and Way Forward of AI Standardization

  The   ETSI Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference - Status, Implementation and Way Forward of AI Standardization,  will take place   face-to-face   on   5th - 7th February 2024   in   ETSI , Sophia Antipolis, France.  #ETSI_AI_Conf Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML) technology has made major advancements in recent years and is becoming a key enabler for new disruptive features and applications in any digital product. This face-to-face event will offer attendees the unique opportunity to come together to exchange with experts, network with peers, visit the demos and posters around the subject of Machine Learning with a specific focus on Information and Communications Technology (ICT). AI/ML will fundamentally shift the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry, as technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and others will enhance the performance of communications, applications, content, and digital commerce. Artificial Intelligence