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Online Safety and the Relationship with Cybersecurity

  Introduction This post will give an overview of the relationship between online safety and cybersecurity. This will hopefully give an idea of how they work together, their differences and how they both complement each other. Online safety refers to the act of staying safe online. It is also commonly known as internet safety, e-safety and cyber safety. It encompasses all technological devices which have access to the internet from PCs and laptops to smartphones and tablets. Being safe online means individuals are protecting themselves and others from online harms and risks which may jeopardise their personal information, lead to unsafe communications or even affect their mental health and wellbeing. In English, we have different words for safety and security. With their use and meaning often being used for different contexts. Though depending on the context 'safety' in English can mean to be secure or 'security' referring to being safe. Though in French for example the