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8 Cybersecurity Stories a Review of 2018

Introduction This blog post gives a brief overview of 2018's Cybersecurity News Stories. These eight chosen news stories are listed in no particular older.  Cybersecurity Trends 2019: Privacy and intrusion in the global village ( /) An article that summarizes the events and developments in Cybersecurity over 2018 and discusses the potential trends that may happen in 2019.   Czech Cyber Security Agency Warns Against Use of Huawei ( )  The Czech Republic's cybersecurity watchdog is warning against the use of products by Chinese electronics giant Huawei and another Chinese telecommunications company, ZTE.  This is the latest devolvement in the backlash against Huawei in supplying key infrastructure for telecoms. Following Huawei being blocked in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other cou

Applying Anthropology to Cybersecurity

Introduction This second post in the Anthropology series is about  how anthropology can be applied to cybersecurity. Applied anthropology refers to the application of the method and theory of anthropology to the analysis and solution of practical problems. When applied to the discipline of cybersecurity the methods of data collecting that are used in anthropology with the aim to help solve problems with the field of study. The primary methods used in applied anthropology are work shadowing, contextual interviews and semi-structured interviews. These can also be supported by literature reviews and surveys of relevant groups of people. These are done to gather qualitative and quantitative data in order for the anthropologist to provide recommendations or guidelines.  Where and How Anthropology can be applied to Cybersecurity The categories of cybersecurity that applied anthropology can be applied to include: Human Factors security training security culture communication of s