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Video Game Accessibility and Usability do we need a Standard from ETSI?

  Introduction We at C3L have started the process of creating a new Joint   SC/TC USER-HF Work Item (WI) on Video Games Accessibility and Usability Design. This post will aim to explain why ETSI should become  involved  in video games and hopefully if encourage others to support this work. The proposed scope of the work would  describe the problems arising from inconsistency of usability and accessibility design practices in video game controls and to identify the role of standards-based solutions to maximise each. It would  identify and illustrate the challenges relating to implementing usability and accessibility measures in video games.   Also, the WI  will describe the application of usability and accessibility measures and their relative impact in the user. The  Proposed format would be a Technical Report (TR) in the form of a “problem statement” that will set out the landscape in detail in order to justify why the EU should add this to the ICT rolling plan and to consider adding