Per-diem consulting

It is very simple to engage us on a per diem basis. The rate is broadly negotiable but is priced to be competitive in the market of security and privacy analysts and standards experts. Our preference is for well defined roles even if that role has an uncertain outcome. For example in standards (see the sponsorship discussion) not everything submitted will be approved and in some cases the politics will be against us, and in security we cannot offer 100% guarantees of success. To kick-off the process simply send an email. We will reply and begin the dialogue. Just like a lawyer though we're not too keen on free consulting during the negotiation phase and so the dialogue may appear abrupt but this is a business contract we're trying to develop and we don't want to appear to easy to steal information from.

Training delivery and development

Notwithstanding any of the caveats regarding standards and development we feel (that is Scott feels) it is important to make sure there are experts in the field and we aim to ensure that training in technologies such as TETRA, ITS, Cyber-Security is available to those wishing to develop their expertise. In some cases we will simply direct you to other providers if we feel their material is better suited to you but we will also offer a set of pre-defined courses on set dates and locations. These will run at or near normal commercial rates (we're not going to undercut the competition but rather offer the expertise you need at a competitive rate).

In addition to any training courses developed in-house we will partner with appropriate parties. This means for now with WrayCastle covering TETRA although we do plan to develop refinements to their course and perhaps (with permission) to develop our own in parallel. In the i-locate project we provided input to the training modules for privacy and security and these are part of the overall project offering. 

There will be times where the off the shelf courses from ourselves and the wider market simply fail to meet your requirements. in such cases we will work with you and other partners to develop a bespoke, or near bespoke, course. This will be more expensive than an existing course but that additional cost is offset against the tailored fit.

Sponsor or patron?

In times gone by artists and artisans often had their work supported by simple patronage. In sport and arts today we see that role being taken by sponsors. So when a brand sponsors the league cup or a formula 1 team it doesn't mean that they are directly marketing the football team or the car but win by association to a winner. In recognising that C3L is best of breed and that association with the best is a good thing I'm going to make the relatively unusual step of explicitly listing sponsorship or patronage as a means of maintaining C3L at the forefront of standards development and security work. The suggestions listed below are for 4 levels of involvement (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) with increasingly interactive relationships between C3L and our patrons or sponsors as the levels go up.

Sponsorship, or patronage, is not a trivial undertaking and the levels suggested are not insignificant. However even the simplest of standards can absorb years of effort, attending meetings, building consensus and of course writing, testing, validating to ensure the resultant standard is fit for purpose. In light of this every sponsor will be acknowledged on this website and on the documentation produced by the company with the assistance of their sponsorship, which could be contributions to standards or to the marketing material of the company. In all cases the wishes of the sponsor for visibility will be respected. The forms of visibility of the sponsor may include:
  • have your name or company logo incorporated on any publicity material produced
  • joint involvement in standards tutorials, seminars, conferences and so forth
The following list suggests some levels of support for a patronage or sponsorship opportunity.

  • BRONZE £12,500 per annum excluding VAT
  • SILVER £25,000 per annum excluding VAT
  • GOLD £50,000 per annum excluding VAT
  • PLATINUM £100,000 per annum excluding VAT


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