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Call for Participation - Live Webinar "User Centric approach in the digital ecosystem"

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 @ 4:30 pm CET / 10:30 am EDT / 2:30 UTC Two experts from the ETSI Special Committee USER, will present results of their work on future solutions for a new role of users and consequently providers. This presentation, based on the results of two surveys and the analysis of several use cases, introduces a generic model for this new approach. The webinar also introduces the concepts of composition of services and of “as a service”, including the definition of profiles. A special attention has been drawn on security, data protection, privacy and Quality of Experience. Register now at: Speakers:  Jean-Yves Monfort, Vice Chair of the ETSI Special Committee USER and a member of AFUTT (French association of telecommunications users) and Noemie Simoni, expert in the committee and Emeritus Professor.

Call for Participation - Smart Cities "Capturing the Citizens Requirements"

If you are able it would only take between five to ten minutes to complete this survey for the ETSI Smart City Task Force.  They would like as many people as possible to complete the  survey . They would like to cover a diverse selection of views, from every interested category of stakeholder, to ensure they can assess what citizens need, and how these needs can be met. Their Report will reflect the views expressed.  Link :  Their open survey will gather the requirements of all stakeholders in the Smart Cities community, with the intention to ensure a participation of citizens as well as representatives of cities, service operators, solution providers, etc.

Ghost in the Shell - What it can tell us about Cybersecurity

Introduction Unless you are familiar with anime and manga the title "Ghost in the Shell" (GitS) the title won't mean much so first a brief explanation. GitS is a media franchise which originally started as a serialised manga before being made in to an anime movie which led to it becoming known worldwide. It exits within the genre of science fiction and specially cyberpunk. The themes the series has touched include robotics, sentient Artificial Intelligence (AI), human augmentation, transferring human consciousness to a machine, an individuals identify and more. So what the question within GitS what relates to cybersecurity throughout the series you have the hacking of technically augmented humans, systems, along with themes of information manipulation and surveillance. Lessons we can learn from GitS about Cybersecurity: Tools can be turned against you: One premises of the GitS franchise is a super powerful intelligent combat robot or AI that was effective against a