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IET - AI and Sports Webinar Notice

This webinar hosted by IET on AI and Sport I believe is worth checking due to the useful insights and information it provides.  The speakers discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now becoming pervasive in everyday life, including being incorporated in smartwatches to encourage better health in everyday people. Yet many of these devices are unused and put in a drawer because they need charging or don’t look as good as real watches. They ask how can we address this in wearables? The use of AI in sports is seen in recruiting, training, performance analysis, maintaining health and fitness and even broadcasting and advertising. More controversial questions arise when we consider whether AI could help us become faster, stronger or lighter. The talk examines is it possible for AI to turn us into athletes? And if we are already an athlete, can it make us win? This webinar investigates the principles of peak performance: How can AI make us stronger and faster?  Will AI allow humans to break w

The Landscape of the Splinternet

Introduction This post will examine the different landscapes of the splinternet as how I roughly understand as they exist. These are my thoughts and opinions on the matter of the splinternet so please undertake further reading on this topic if it piques your interest. Why this topic is at times intricate to discuss because the current climate surrounding control and access to applications and services through the internet is slowly becoming more complicated. The landscape of the splinternet I will be talking include the Cultural and social (language), Regulatory and Nation-State. Also, I will suggest a couple of things about what could do about it its implications.  Cultural and Social Splinternet I have written about Language and the splinternet before so will only provide a brief reminder. With the cultural and social splinternet as the barriers across cultures with media and language being two defining features. These naturally exist in the physical world (nation-state) because of h