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The Realities of Online Learning during a Pandemic

The Realities of Online Learning during a Pandemic As a Second Year Undergraduate, I have had an interesting university experience so far. I missed half of the first semester due to surgery and then my first year was cut short in the beginning of March due to the first lockdown in the United Kingdom, so off I went home to complete the rest of my lectures that had been pre-recorded for the semester.   After Easter, exam season was supposed to be in full swing but exam dates were pushed back three times due to sorting out how they were going to work and what software we were going to use. In the end, the exams were on our VLE (virtual learning environment) platform and were made open book due to Lecturers saying "We cannot monitor you, so to be safe, exams are now open book." Completing my exams at my kitchen table, drinking coffee / eating breakfast and wrapped in a blanket was a surreal experience and in comparison to my Sixth-Form and Secondary School exams that were stress-

Perils of Looking but Not Seeing

  Introduction As we go about our lives and work there is a good chance we often look but do not see what is around us. Depending on the situation this can either be harmless such as sitting at the window of train watching fields go by but can turn deadly such as looking at the traffic lights and failing to see whether it is red or green leading to crash as you go straight through.  The  key difference between them is to look at something means to gaze your eyes upon or acknowledge its presence. In order to see, not only does one look at the object but also understands it and pays attention to it. To look and to see are two different things, even if they both refer to visual perception. Visual perception is the ability to see and interpret our surroundings by processing information contained in visible light. Merriam Webster defines ‘looking’ as, “to ascertain by the use of one's eyes; to exercise the powe r of vision upon; to search for.”  In layman terms, to look at something mea