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Cybersecurity and Usability

  Introduction   The topic of cybersecurity and usability is a topic I have covered before though with a focus on IoT. This post will aim to take a broader view along with covering additional ideas and concepts. It is subject that cannot be learned once and then filed away since with every new design there is a risk of forgetting the design principles for usability plus often there is a chance when usability is considered from the start it may be weakened by feature creep and changing requirements. Therefore it is always worth reminding yourself and refreshing the principles behind usability in cybersecurity.  Design  Getting the balance between cybersecurity and usability is critical because at the either extreme w e can make systems secure enough to never be attacked but this would also mean no one could ever access or use them  conversely systems that are really easy to use might have little or no security though it is still possible to design a system with no security and be diffic