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Online sextortion within IoT a cybersecurity and privacy perspective

Abstract This post aims to show how online sextortion happens within the realm of IoT when the devices, applications and services that part of IoT are compromised by malware and malicious actors. The impact sextortion has on the targeted victims and the motivations for the malicious perpetrators who carry these attacks is explained. The role of cyber security will be discussed in how technology, awareness and education is key when used together in a holistic manner is vital in preventing online sextortion from occurring. Finally, it will examine what is currently happening to prevent online sextortion attacks from happening within IoT and what future methods or solutions could better prevent online sextortion from occurring. The post is based off a prior research project (The analysis of the Socio-Technical Environment (STE) of Online Sextortion using Case Studies and Published Reports from a Cybersecurity Perspective) and it brings in elements of human factors and user interactio