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Brexit and Cybersecurity

Introduction Regardless of whether Brexit does happen, is delayed or cancelled it has and will affect the UK's relationship with other countries and one of the areas affected will be cybersecurity. This post will aim to briefly highlight what affects Brexit will have on cybersecurity in the UK and what things will change or stay the same regarding cybersecurity. Due to the nature surrounding Brexit at the moment, a few things are an unknown at the moment until Brexit has come to pass. Possible Effects of Brexit disruption Brexit may disrupt cybersecurity in the UK and between businesses and the EU  , to what extent is unknown until Brexit happens . With a key unknown being what will ha ppen to information sharing regarding threats, vulnerabilities, cyberattacks and how the transfer of digital information across borders will be handled.  But on the other hand, Brexit might not change much in the short term regarding cybersecurity. Rather than being a stumbling block,