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The Scourge of Phone Spoofing

  Introduction A trend which keeps increasing and sees people receive unwanted calls and messages is caller-id spoofing.  Number spoofing is when someone fakes outgoing caller ID info to show a number that isn’t theirs. The spoofed number often belongs to a real person or business, but not to the person using it to call you.   A common strategy is neighbour spoofing, which is when the caller displays a number with your area code so that you’re more likely to pick up. Scammers will even spoof the numbers of legitimate government agencies, banks, and insurance providers to fool people into paying fraudulent fees or revealing sensitive information.  The spoofers goal is  to make a profit by dishonest means. There are  difficulties  in presenting caller-id spoofing  because  it is not  illegal  as there  legitimate  use cases of it.  There are situations when number spoofing is arguably necessary, or at least understandable. For example, a doctor might display their office number when they

C3L - Meet the team!

 Introduction to the people behind this blog! This blog is where members of C3L post about current projects, spread a bit of information, and write about their personal interests in order to create a wider outreach.  The blog has three main authors contributing: Scott (the director of the company), Alex (researcher and co-developer), and Grace (Research assistant for the company.) The purpose of this post is to officially introduce each of us as individuals in order to give a small insight into who we are and what we're like at C3L as people.  Firstly introducing, Scott:  I'm Scott, I started the company to take advantage of an opportunity to work in standards way back in 1995 and have managed to keep my hand in since. My background is in engineering and I've been doing it since leaving school and university. I'd like to think I'm good at it, taking a holistic systems view to things and looking into why they aren't secure and then trying to find ways to fix thin