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 Introduction to the people behind this blog!

This blog is where members of C3L post about current projects, spread a bit of information, and write about their personal interests in order to create a wider outreach. 

The blog has three main authors contributing: Scott (the director of the company), Alex (researcher and co-developer), and Grace (Research assistant for the company.) The purpose of this post is to officially introduce each of us as individuals in order to give a small insight into who we are and what we're like at C3L as people. 

Firstly introducing, Scott: 

I'm Scott, I started the company to take advantage of an opportunity to work in standards way back in 1995 and have managed to keep my hand in since. My background is in engineering and I've been doing it since leaving school and university. I'd like to think I'm good at it, taking a holistic systems view to things and looking into why they aren't secure and then trying to find ways to fix things. That's to my mind what an engineer is at heart, someone who knows a bit of science, a bit of maths, and can look at a problem and find a solution. So that's kind of what I do - I look at things and think through their problems to try and formulate a solution. I then get that solution to work.

Outside of work I do a bit of everything you expect of a nerd with a wife, kids, and a grandkid. I support them in their pursuits and do my best to at least keep up (secretly (so don't tell anyone) I do actually try and beat them), So that means I run, bike, swim, do the music and reading thing, and take part in either encouraging daft events or taking apart in them (ultra walks - really?). I'll then do my best to relax with a decent red wine or some craft beer (a shout out to all craft breweries) and a decent vegan meal (well it would be vegan if I could give up the cheese that has helped me develop a decent-sized middle region).

All of that is my raison d'etre and I'm happy with it. A bit of security work, a bit of engineering, a slice of cheese, and a claret all with the family. That's me sorted.

Next, Alex: 

I'm Alex and I aim to take an active role, through research and education, to bridge the gap between technology and the human user. This has been built up through a background in Anthropology and Forensic science and latterly into human aspects of cybersecurity.

I have balanced my academic development with first a part-time, now full-time role in C3L as researcher and co-developer of contributions to the company’s work in standards and other projects. While my background may seem an unlikely fit to cybersecurity which is often technology focused in systems engineering approach it is vital to equally address and integrate these three key elements: hardware, software and human systems integration. Therefore, the human element is something that integration and systems engineering processes must address. The definition of “system” used by NASA is inclusive; i.e., a system is “the combination of elements that function together to produce the capability required to meet a need. The elements include all hardware, software, equipment, facilities, personnel, processes and procedures needed for this purpose.

Outside of work I am active in sport both as an athlete (run, bike, swim) and supporter of sport in my local community through ParkRun (runner and volunteer marshal), cycling and swimming clubs.  As well I volunteer at the National Trust (NT) mainly through the monthly NT Studland 10km run, I was previously an active hockey player too.

Finally I'd like to introduce myself: 

Hi, I am Grace; I'm the newest member of the C3L team. Personally, I do not have a background in security as I am currently a Psychology and Child Development student. I studied and completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) previously, which gave me a strong introduction to independent learning and research for a wider range of topics not just your specific subjects and learning to find links between what most would say are completely unrelated. As C3L is a security consulting company, it may not make 100% sense as to what I bring to the table. At C3L I am a research assistant where I use my transferable skills from my learning in my degree for projects that Alex and Scott are a part of. By doing this, I am also getting better at finding novel research for my assignments so it is a win-win :) 

My interests are more psychology based and the C3L blog allows me to broaden my knowledge and write about what interests me outside of my main university curriculum. Social psychology currently really interests me in the idea of global identity and how a more global society is making impacts across cultures. However, child development psychology is my central passion. I would like to go onto study in Clinical Child and Adolescent psychology and I might write some blog posts about that sort of area, linking in with technology as I believe that is an important aspect of the ever-changing world we are in. 

I like to bring a more personal touch to academic writing especially on a blog. Open-ended questions for more elaborative posts later on may become a feature from me. 

Outside of academics, I am getting back into sport and fitness after a long-term injury. I enjoy swimming, cycling, pilates and hopefully running in the near future. In the past I have taken an active role in volunteering for different communities and hope to continue this in the future. Reading is a massive part of my life, so when I'm not binging Netflix, studying or working, you can normally find me with my nose in a good ol' book and updating my goodreads on the way.

I hope this gives you an insight into who we are as people and I hope you enjoy reading our previous and future posts and learning something new and novel! 

Scott, Alex, and Grace - the C3L team 


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