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A brief history and overview of Cybersecurity in the UK

Introduction I enjoy reading and learning about the history of technology along with the way things developed and either become common everyday object or remain stuck on the drawing. This blog post will aim to give an overview of how cybersecurity has developed in the UK and what may happen in the future. In the UK the silicon or semi-conductor industry researched and developed transistors, PCBs and developed microchips. Up and until the late 80s and 90s the UK had a fairly healthy semi-conductor manufacturing industry but due various factors went decline and today the design of chip architecture for example ARM and software replaced manufacturing. Though assembly of components and limited fabrication is still carried out in the UK though it is often overlooked. 1988 -  The  Morris worm — one of the first recognised worms to affect the world's nascent cyber infrastructure — spread around computers largely in the US. The worm used weaknesses in the UNIX system Noun 1 and repl