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Exploring the themes and ideas around the Cultural Splinternet

  Introduction   As a reminder, the “splinternet,” can be defined as where cyberspace is controlled and regulated by different countries. This includes regulations and national firewalls. As well there are the barriers across cultures with media and language being two defining features. These naturally exist in the physical world (nation-state) because of how we naturally divide ourselves up and congregate in similar and like-minded groups. Internet reflects that and in some cases to a greater harmful degree. My view is you can divide the splinternet into three types:  National/Geopolitical  (i.e. West vs East) Regulatory (i.e. GDPR) Cultural (i.e. language) The goal of this post is first explore some of the language gap within the cultural splinternet with examples and whether it is something worth tackling. Secondly, how the  impact of regulatory / national splinternets affect the cultural splinternet. The examples I have chosen may be a  bit biased but they are things I find persona