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The Reasons Why Standards and Technical Organisations need Greater Diversity

Introduction For some people the topic of this blog post they may find unnecessary because either they think these are non-issues or ideologically driven as some sort of social justice warrior (SJW) agenda. Hopefully, I endeavour in this post not come across like that but raise new ideas and viewpoints and widen the conversion about why as groups of people and companies connected to standards and technical organisations need to consider greater diversity. Firstly, I will not be naming any organisations in this post because of this not a call-out to name and shame. Secondly, I do realise quite a few organisations already have plans in place to broaden the diversity of their workforce already either through their members or their support staff. Finally, these ideas came about from my attendance of meetings, conferences and workshops where I kept thinking to myself the majority of the time the make-up of these are mostly older men who have been around for twenty plus years and they litt

Review of ideas and thoughts from Meetings and Conferences

Introduction This post is to give an overview along with a review of ideas and thoughts from meetings and conferences I have attended as part of my work for C3L. These include the 'UK Internet Governance Forum 18'; ETSI CYBER Group meetings; ETSI QKD;  ETSI USER Group meetings and the ETSI ITS Workshop 2019. The aim here is give some information about these meetings and groups to give some insight to the work C3L does along with viewpoints about the current industrial landscape. UK Internet Governance Forum 18 The 2018 edition of the United Kingdom Internet Governance Forum (IGF) took place on 22 November in London (I observed via the online webinar) and focused on the topic of 'Solutions for The Digital Age'. The UK IGF represents a platform for collaborative partnerships with the mandate of providing a local forum in the UK to engage industry, government, parliament, academia and civil society in discussions on Internet Governance issues. In the future greate