Review of ideas and thoughts from Meetings and Conferences


This post is to give an overview along with a review of ideas and thoughts from meetings and conferences I have attended as part of my work for C3L. These include the 'UK Internet Governance Forum 18'; ETSI CYBER Group meetings; ETSI QKD;  ETSI USER Group meetings and the ETSI ITS Workshop 2019. The aim here is give some information about these meetings and groups to give some insight to the work C3L does along with viewpoints about the current industrial landscape.

UK Internet Governance Forum 18

The 2018 edition of the United Kingdom Internet Governance Forum (IGF) took place on 22 November in London (I observed via the online webinar) and focused on the topic of 'Solutions for The Digital Age'. The UK IGF represents a platform for collaborative partnerships with the mandate of providing a local forum in the UK to engage industry, government, parliament, academia and civil society in discussions on Internet Governance issues.
In the future greater use of Digital Web Services (DWS) will be required to provide enhanced online safety and security. Though there will need to balance privacy with these measures. One solution put forward is DNS over HTTPS. Artificial Intelligence (A.I) will play a key role in the future of online services with big data providing the means to train them through machine leaning. Though any new applications of A.I will have to respect privacy and data protection regulations. 
Infrastructure will play a greater role in shaping user behaviour over the internet, by aiming to stop the flow or restrict data with the main intent to stop malicious behaviour. This may to lead to services being banned and may lead extraterritorial affects. This risks the creation of a splinter-net
This forum raised the question what role will standards be in affected security behaviour. Either by providing guides and technical reports regarding security designs or providing a basis for security certification and labelling schemes. 
When it comes to cybersecurity there is a need to move from a reactive stance in responding to threats. Instead having a pro-active state to prevent or take down cyberthreats before they can inflict damage. 

Participation in ETIS Work groups and STFs

C3L work on ETSI groups include CYBER, Quantum and USER involves providing inputs on cybersecurity, data protection and privacy. Along with providing advice on other technical reports and paper.

ETSI ITS Workshop 2019

That Co-Operative Intelligence Transport Systems (C-ITS) while has made some progress is moving very slowly to becoming a working system. Though there are limited pilots and demonstrations being trialed throughout Europe and other regions. For some aspects of C-ITS due to the length of time it has been in development need to be rethought for example the cybersecurity aspects due problems balancing privacy and functionality of the system. From the presentations giving only Japan as a country seemed to have the vision in place to fully take advantage of what C-ITS can offer. Finally, the overall long term goal of C-ITS to achieve zero preventable roads deaths is still achievable though the timeline to reaching that goal is very up in the air.


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