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GDPR and us

Everyone will have heard about GDPR by now - the endless encouragements to verify that you want to be a member of this or that mailing list bulking up your email clients will have seen to that. As far as I know we don't keep a mailing list - we don't ask you to register and we don't knowingly seek to keep any details on visitors. However ... we use a semi-commercial hosting service (Google's Blogger) and we have enabled Google's Analytics to get a snapshot of our visitors. When you visit this site (and any site hosted by Google) there is a general accept cookies warning. This makes your access to the site work and is well dimensioned and proportionate and doesn't really give anyone at C3L able to get access to your Personal data (we don't get to know anything much about you apart from the normal analytic stuff that means we can deliver content to your browser on your operating system and to make sure that we get advised about any localisation issues that lim

Company Sports and Charity fundraising

The employees of CL3 are keen partakers of sports including running, cycling, swimming and combinations of those three as events. This blog post focuses on running events. So far this year we have participated events including the London Landmarks Half-marathon, Isle of Wight 52km Action Challange and the Hoohaah 10km series which this year is raising money for  Addenbrookes Charitable Trust. As part of training and preparation, we take part in the weekly Saturday morning 5km Parkruns which occur all over the place and also volunteer for. As well every fourth Sunday of the month we have been partaking and volunteering in the free National Trust 10km run at Studland in Dorset. For the London Landmarks Half-marathon , we  raised money for the Charity Tommy's   Funding research into stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage, and providing information for parents-to-be. For June we are taking part in the Poole Running Festival Half-Marathon. For that event, we are raising money fo

Call for participation to a survey on User Centric Approach in the Digital Ecosystem

ETSI STF 543 (USER GROUP) aims to monitor a large study to specify the requirements that will facilitate the use of digital services in a multichannel and flexible environment through next-generation networks (NGN) that will gradually be implemented. The goal of the study is available in the annexe of this collective letter. The complete file of this Collective Letter can be downloaded at the following location: Survey _User_Centric_Approach_Digital_Ecosystem.doc STF 543 is organizing an extensive  survey   of the user expectations and needs in their relationship with digital services. Interested people  are invited to participate in this  survey .  The USER GROUP would be grateful if the interested party could transfer the  survey  to within their company or to their professional and private networks. Answers to the survey are expected by the end of May 2018, using the following links: For the English version: