Company Sports and Charity fundraising

The employees of CL3 are keen partakers of sports including running, cycling, swimming and combinations of those three as events. This blog post focuses on running events. So far this year we have participated events including the London Landmarks Half-marathon, Isle of Wight 52km Action Challange and the Hoohaah 10km series which this year is raising money for Addenbrookes Charitable Trust. As part of training and preparation, we take part in the weekly Saturday morning 5km Parkruns which occur all over the place and also volunteer for. As well every fourth Sunday of the month we have been partaking and volunteering in the free National Trust 10km run at Studland in Dorset.

For the London Landmarks Half-marathon, we raised money for the Charity Tommy's Funding research into stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage, and providing information for parents-to-be. For June we are taking part in the Poole Running Festival Half-Marathon. For that event, we are raising money for Poole Hospital Charity Trust.

If you are interested in donating to these causes:

Claire has added a new page just for the Poole event:

Please check those links.

Also a shout out to CL3 Active ( and Injury Active


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