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The Metaverse and SDOs

  Introduction “Metaverse” is a term created by author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash. It combines the words “meta” and “universe.” He envisioned it as an immersive virtual world that runs parallel to the real world. The metaverse is  a concept which is being talked up by some as the future of the internet. Though at the moment there is no single agreed  definition of it. The basic definition is i nstead of being on a computer, in the metaverse the user might use a headset to enter a virtual world connecting all sorts of digital environments.   Unlike current VR, which is mostly used for gaming, this virtual world could be used for practically anything - work, play, concerts, cinema trips - or just hanging out. Most people envision that the user would have a 3D avatar - a representation of themselves - as they use it.  Also, some organisations believe the metaverse will be based around  Web3 and exist on a blockchain ledger, while use making use of NFTs an