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History of the UK Semi-Conductor Industry and can we learn from it?

  Introduction This blog post aims to give an overview of the history of semi-conductors and computer industry in the UK. So no all topics and areas will be covered. It will have a focus on the parts I find most interesting. So if you are looking for a detailed history this is not the place. It will use the overview to give ideas of what we could do to better prepare ourselves for the future and current challenges we are facing. Knowing the history of something be it a place, industry, business, country etc., matters b ecause it   gives us insight into why our culture and  society  does certain things, and how the past has shaped it into what we know now. Also, h istory is a continuous documentation of our past. It’s a timeline rife with events, with one thing always leading to the next. By examining chains of events, and how one small occurrence can spark countless, invaluable incidents or one devastatingly large one, we begin to understand the nature of change. Our  history  reveals