GDPR and us

Everyone will have heard about GDPR by now - the endless encouragements to verify that you want to be a member of this or that mailing list bulking up your email clients will have seen to that. As far as I know we don't keep a mailing list - we don't ask you to register and we don't knowingly seek to keep any details on visitors. However ... we use a semi-commercial hosting service (Google's Blogger) and we have enabled Google's Analytics to get a snapshot of our visitors. When you visit this site (and any site hosted by Google) there is a general accept cookies warning. This makes your access to the site work and is well dimensioned and proportionate and doesn't really give anyone at C3L able to get access to your Personal data (we don't get to know anything much about you apart from the normal analytic stuff that means we can deliver content to your browser on your operating system and to make sure that we get advised about any localisation issues that limit the content we are allowed to post).

So we don't think we have any issues with respect to GDPR but we will review this periodically and work with Google if we find that the cookies warning that they post is inadequate.


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