ETSI Event 2024 Notice - Artificial Intelligence Conference: Status, Implementation and Way Forward of AI Standardization

 The ETSI Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference - Status, Implementation and Way Forward of AI Standardization, will take place face-to-face on 5th - 7th February 2024 in ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France. #ETSI_AI_Conf

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML) technology has made major advancements in recent years and is becoming a key enabler for new disruptive features and applications in any digital product.

This face-to-face event will offer attendees the unique opportunity to come together to exchange with experts, network with peers, visit the demos and posters around the subject of Machine Learning with a specific focus on Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

AI/ML will fundamentally shift the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry, as technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and others will enhance the performance of communications, applications, content, and digital commerce.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning are already part of the networks and services, and are present across multiple sectors such as finance, manufacturing, medical, telecommunications and transportation. AI Chatbots and AI voice assistants are widely deployed in society. Still this field is quickly evolving and the event will provide an opportunity for experts to have insights into the latest developments.

Europe and other regions are drafting policy and legislation which will impact the deployment of artificial intelligence. In the context of the draft AI Act, the EU puts forward objectives including:

  • “ensure that AI systems placed on the Union market and used are safe and respect existing law on fundamental rights and Union values";
  • "facilitate the development of a single market for lawful, safe and trustworthy AI applications and prevent market fragmentation”.

Attendees will learn about the latest status and will have the opportunity to meet and discuss with experts in this field. 

The event will present the regulations in the different regions of the world and will provide the opportunity to get involved in standardisation that will play an important role in the context of European and global regulation. It will also discuss corresponding new market access requirements, conformity assessment, etc. Additionally, the event will be an opportunity for research organisations (academia and industrial research) to discuss new trends and features in the field of AI.

The conference will build on available work in the domain of AI. ETSI’s experts will present published and ongoing work on cybersecurity, testing of AI, trustworthy AI, sustainable AI, applications of AI for verticals and many more.

Demonstrations and Posters on the latest advances in the field of AI/ML applied to ICT systems and applications will complement the conference programme: 

The Programme Committee is calling for original submissions on the following topics:

  • Latest technological advancements in the field of AI/ML applied to Information and Communications Technology (ICT);
  • Disruptive technology trends and future applications of AI/ML;
  • AI/ML components in ICT systems including but not limited to wireless communications;
  • AI/ML for vertical applications including eHealth, Public Safety, Media and Entertainment, Aeronautics, network automation and management and/or Automotive;
  • Generative AI/Large languages models/foundation models;
  • Cybersecurity for AI/ML;
  • Sustainability of AI/ML and AI/ML for improved sustainability;
  • AI/ML in the context of societal challenges;
  • AI/ML supporting the United Nations sustainable development goals;
  • Standardization activities related to AI/ML;
  • Approaches for test, validation and conformity assessment of AI/ML requirements;
  • AI/ML test-beds and trials;
  • Regulation activities related to AI/ML;
  • Market access requirements for AI/ML systems;
  • Interrelation between Regulation on Cybersecurity and AI/ML;
  • and Other

Important Dates:

  • Proposal Submission Deadline20 October 2023 (end of day)
  • Acceptance Notification: Before the end of November 2023
  • Conference dates: February 5-7, 2024

Submission Guidelines:

  • Call for Demonstrations: Should you wish to submit a demonstration proposal, please complete this demo submission form.

  • Call for Posters: Should you wish to submit a poster proposal, please complete this poster submission form.

  • The deadline to submit your demo and/or poster proposal is 20 October 2023 (end of day). Please submit one form per demo and/or poster proposal.

The detailed event’s programme including the conference agenda, list of demos and posters will be available in November. Participation to the event is open to all and free of charge upon registration.

The detailed event’s programme including the conference agenda, list of demos and posters will be available in November. Participation to the event is open to all and free of charge upon registration.

Please see this link for details and registration if interested in attending:  


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