ETSI Security Week 2020 - Webinars Notice - Update

ETSI Security Week 2020 had gone virtual due to the COVID-19 crisis.
Many presentations that were to be given during the ETSI Security Week were given virtually from the 8th  until the 19th June. 
Thanks to the willingness and additional efforts of nearly 50 Programme Committee Members and Speakers, ETSI were able to offer 14 different webinars corresponding more or less to what the ETSI Security Week would have been this year.
The ETSI Security Week 2020 was organised around four technical threads: 
  • Smart Secure Platform: the disruptive change in the Secure Elements Market: Trust and privacy together with cost and flexibility are key to security solutions for many applications in today’s digital world. To address this challenge, ETSI Technical Committee Smart Card Platform, who standardised the former generations of SIM cards, has been working on a brand-new security platform called Smart Secure Platform (SSP). Two webinars will unveil this next-generation platform, explaining why evolution was needed, what has been defined for which purpose and introducing the technical specifications. The webinar also covers testing, the impact on the ecosystem and the need for certification. Though this platform is disruptive from a technology point of view it also provides a smooth migration path for applications such as the SIM-based on the current platform, the UICC.
  • Even more advanced Cryptography: The talks and panels will discuss ETSI Standardisation activities in Advanced Cryptography. This includes application of Scalable Hierarchical Identity Based Encryption over Lattices as a feasible solution for quantum-safe  communication systems. Homomorphic encryption is one of the technologies allowing the public cloud to operate on secret data without leaking any information about the data. In these two talks, the speakers give a general overview of the capabilities of (fully) homomorphic encryption and of the general security model. They will detail some of the schemes and technologies that make it usable for concrete use-cases and share the latest advances in practical homomorphic encryption with a strong emphasis on applications to deep learning. The benefits of Advanced Cryptography are recognised by ETSI, as its members make developments and standards in Identity-Based Cryptography, Attribute-Based Encryption and other forms of Advanced Cryptography. This session will focus on applications of Advanced Cryptography, including a privacy-preserving electronic ticket scheme using attribute-based credentials to protect users' privacy, and a survey on how Attribute-Based Encryption could be deployed to protect mobile networks.

Registration requires a Brightalk account to watch and access the ETSI Security Week 2020 webinars. The talks will remain up and accessible after they been broadcast.


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