Call for participation in a supplementary survey on the user-centric digital Eco-system

ETSI User Group's Standardization Aims:

  1. To establish reports on users' requirements pertaining to topics previously defined by either the ETSI User Group, or other relevant ETSI bodies for recommendation to the ETSI Board and GA.
  2. These reports on a given topic will analyse the users' requirements under a functional approach in order to improve the standardization work.
  3. To be available for consultation with Technical Body chairmen on users' needs. For this, the ETSI User Group will be in charge of orienting and distributing consultative questions to pertinent users within the user population at large.
  4. Workshops will take place in several European countries in order to give presentations on the current issues and get comments from the users.
  5. This process will provide the users involved with up-to-date information.
  6. To provide when appropriate an ETSI Guide or Technical Report
  7. To organize ETSI User Group meetings which are open to the general public in order to promote ETSI Standards amongst the user community and to facilitate the exchange of viewpoints on current issues.
  8. The Work Programme  of the ETSI User Group is updated regularly according to the users' expectations and the current work within other ETSI technical bodies.
  9. The ETSI User Group co-operates with most user organizations in Europe.

STF 543 is organizing a supplementary survey of the user-centric digital eco-systems expectations and needs in their relationship with digital services and smart devices. Interested people are invited to participate in this survey

The ETSI USER GROUP would be grateful if the interested party could transfer the survey to within their company or to their professional and private networks.

Answers to the survey are expected by the end of October 2018 when the survey will close, using the following links:
This is the link to the UK extra survey:
And this is the link to the french survey:


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